Monday, March 21, 2011

One of Those Days

Today is just one of those know the kind where everything that could go wrong does.
Mounting doctor bills, husband sick at home, housework piling up, emotions out of whack, dishwasher broken, rain pouring down outside..............

Then I come across this photo.......
photo courtesy of Lauren Alane

And a smile comes across my face. Funny how someone else's craft and artwork can inspire and uplift. There is just something about this cute little owl stuck outside on a rainy afternoon that makes me smile. It's the little things I tell you, that make life happy. Now I wish I knew how to needle felt one of these cute little guys for myself :)

I had fun on this card using up some of my "Crate Paper, Restoration" line that I have been hoarding for the past couple of months. I also used stamps from "Paper Trey Ink" and "October Afternoon" on this one.  And that gorgeous flower is from "Prima". 

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog. I hope that we can all learn to get through this thing called life together. Until next time "Hugs" to all of you :)



  1. So sorry you are having a craptastic day. I hate those days. But hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    I have seen quite a few cute projects that put a smile on my face, yours being some of them.
    Beautiful tag you made.

  2. Elizabeth, first of all, I want to send you a big hug! Thinking about you! That fun photo and your card made me smile today! Wonderful mix of paper and the flower is a perfect accent. I wish I knew the secret to getting through this thing called life. I'm still in the "learn as I go" process. Although I wish I had an "easy button" most days! :) Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  3. your card is so pretty!

    hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. I thought that was a little Robin ... but it's cute no matter what it is! Heehee!


    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, also. Sometimes life just isn't easy.

  5. Awe! I love this card - so cheerful and fun!
    Hope today is a better day - hang in there!

  6. Keep smiling...and that photo certainly does the trick...very cute. Gorgeous card...I love your beautiful creaions!!!

  7. OMG! Love the photo of the owl. So stinkin cute!
    Just found your blog today. Great stuff!