Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

It is the first day of December already! Where does the time fly??  I just wanted to express my appreciation to all of you who encouraged me through my first Thanksgiving hostess duties.  You were all right! My plates didn't match but nobody cared because we were all together and had fun. Here is a pic of our table for our Thanksgiving feast....

As most of you know, my husband is battling liver cancer from chronic hepatitis C infection.  Last week, we discovered a doctor in New Mexico who treats both hepatitis C patients and cancer patients with nontoxic drugs and has had very good results.  We were lucky enough to get into his clinic and we will be traveling down there for treatments. Please for those of you who believe in prayer, say a little prayer for us that this treatment will be successful for my husband.  Right now conventional treatments give my husband very little hope. Chemotherapy has the most awful side effects and has made my husband more sick than he was before treatment.  My husband is in his early 40's and our life together has just begun. He has battled cancer twice already in his lifetime with success. I am convinced that he can beat this ugly disease for good this time. I will try to post more on my blog next week. But since my priority right now is fighting cancer, my posts might be a little sporadic. There are so many highs and lows on this cancer journey but we are getting through it one day at a time. Now for my crafty share :) (This hobby is truly my therapy; I am so grateful for it and for all of you)

I loved this vintage image of this cute little girl all dressed up for the snow

The doily is from"Martha Stewart" and the frame is from "Tattered Angels"

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I wish you all a blessed December and Holiday season.